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LG1550 - Very High Condition Antique Model 1869 Sharps Conversion Carbine

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Sharps Model 1869 Military Conversion Carbine; Serial No. 50551; Near Perfect Condition; 22 inch Barrel; 50-70 Caliber; Perfect Action and Bore; Strong Cartouche; Super Condition 160+ Year-Old Sharps Carbine; See All Photos for Condition; No Texts; Call (254)541-5765 or Email Only; PERSONAL PROPERTY of Harold Wieser; NOTICE: We Do Not Do Any Consignments - All Items Listed are Owned by Us - NO SALES to New Jersey or New York City - Antiques Only to Massachusetts and California; Price: $4,975 + $75 S&H Via USPS PRIORITY MAIL; Payment Address: Harold Wieser - 1466 U.S. Hwy 77 - Rosebud, TX 76570; SEND PAYMENTS VIA USPS PRIORITY MAIL; BEWARE of SCAMS!!! DO NOT SEND MONEY or CORRESPONDENTS ELECTRONICALLY UNLESS YOU HAVE SPOKEN to HAROLD WIESER FIRST! 254-541-5765

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