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AOC153 Colt Model 1861 NavyNavy Conversion

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LIQUIDING PERSONAL COLLECTION; Model 1861 Navy Navy Conversion; Serial No. 6905; .38 C.F. cal.; 7-1/2 inch Barrel ; 100% Correct and Matching; EXCELLENT Action and Bore; p and JRC inspected; some faded Blue and Case Colors Remain; back strap and trigger guard are Polished Brass, which is correct; Nice Original Grips; it is believed that Less Than 200 have Survived; fairly RARE U.S. Military Navy Revolver; antique; Price: $4,500 Shipped; Price includes insured shipping; return policy: three days inspection from the date the item is received; full refund of shipping both ways ONLY IF THE ITEM IS MISREPRESENTED. (Scroll to view 20 photos of this item).

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