Spurs, Art, & Other Collectables

MC331 - S.D. Myres - El Paso, Texas Marked Money Belt with Tooled Single-Loop Holster

MC330 - Antique British Magazine Rifle Dangerouse Game Cartridges in Wooden Display Case

MC329 - Antique British Nitro Express Cartridges in Wooden Display Case

MC324 - Fantastic Carved Ivory Grips for Colt S.A.A. Revolver

MC323 - Very Rare "Nobby Harness Co. - Waco, Texas" Marked Saddle Bags

MC322 - Very Nice 30 Loop Cartridge Belt Marked "Otto Eber - Maker - Sealy, Tex."

MC321 - Very Rare Fine Condition Large Cartridge/Money Belt Marked "N. Porter - Phoenix, Ariz."

MC319 - Nice Old Decorated Holster for Colt S.A.A. Revolver with 40

MC221 - Very Rare Cartridge Belt Marked "Nobby Harness Co. - Fort Worth, Texas" - 26 Loops

MC115 - "African Game Trails" by Theodore Roosevelt - Copyright 1987

MC307 - U.S. Colt Cavalry Revolver Accoutrements and Accessories in Glass Display Case

MC179 - Traditional Style Navajo "Wedding Basket"

MC289 - Antique Horn/Tusk Handle Wooden Cane

MC127 - Robert Lincoln Causey Spurs - Marked "R.L.C."

MC214 - "The Book of Colt Firearms" by R.Q. Sutherland and R.L. Wilson - Copyright 1971

MC211 - "A Study of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver" by Graham, Kopec, and Moore - First Edition

MC178 - Fantastic Navajo Framed Plants Display for Dyeing Wool Used on Handmade Navajo Rugs

MC107 - Navajo Old Pawn Bracelet - Silver with 3 Large Stones - Original Pawn Ticket

MC106 - Musuem Worthy Huge Navajo Old Pawn Bracelet - Superior Quality with 3 Large Stones and 8 Small Stones

MC101 - Huge Original Navajo Old Pawn Bracelet from New Mexico - Silver with 25 Turquoise Stones


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