Spurs, Art, & Other Collectables

SP139 Fancy Silver Mounted Blue Steel Spurs

SP115 Very Rare Pair J.O. Bass - Tulia, Texas Spurs

BG18 'The Rifleman’s Rifle' – Hardcopy

ART108 Karl Moon Hand Tinted Photograph

ART107 Karl Moon Hand Tinted Photograph

SP128 Robert Lincoln Causey Cowboy Spurs

SP140 Fancy Goose Neck Eduardo Grijalva Spurs

SP138 Double Mounted Eduardo Grijalva Spurs

SP137 Eduardo Grijalva Spurs

SP135 Eduardo Grijalva Spurs

SP134 Eduardo Grijalva Sr. Spurs

SP130 Texas Made - Tom Johnson Gal Leg Spurs

SP129 Rare Small Child’s Size Single Spur by Robert Lincoln Causey

SP141 Nice Pair of South Texas Bottle Opener Spurs

SP114 Texas Made Pitchfork Spurs by John Robert McChesney

SP113 Very Early McChesney Pitchfork Spurs

SP110 Pair of Texas Spurs by Tom Johnson, Jr.

SP107 Texas Spurs by John Robert McChesney

SP106 Texas Spurs by Tom Johnson, Sr. – Coleman, Texas

SP111 Robert Lincoln Causey Gold Inlaid Spurs

SP108 Pair of Rex Schnitger/Bolin Spurs

SP104 New Mexico Spurs by Edward Fred Blanchard

SP103 Texas Spurs by Tom Johnson / J. O. Bass

ART104 Original Oil Painting by Noel Espinoza

ART105 Charles M. Russell Print

ART106 10.5 x 15.25 Charles M. Russel Print

ART102 Collection of 4 Bronze Busts by Texas Artist Don Ray

BK1002 'Colt Factory Engravers of the Nineteenth Century'

BK1001 'The Book of Colt Engraving' - Signed by Author R.L. Wilson

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